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Tangle Tuesday, Book Review III

One Zentangle a Day, by Becka Krahula

One Zentangle a Day

This book is a 6-ish week course in Zentangle. I am getting through it in my own leisurely way, but I am really enjoying it.

OZaD. Sample page 1  OZaD. ToC

I love the way the book is laid out, each 2 page layout is one day, each chapter is one week (-ish).

OZaD. Sample page 2

And it is just a beautiful book. Not to mention the detailed explanations of all things zentangle. As you go through each chapter, you are building your zentangle skills.

OZaD. Sample page 3

Tangellations, tangle enhancers, shading, tone, how to draw the eye through your zentangle.

OZaD. Sample page 4

An idea gallery in the back, and tons of examples throughout the book.

OZaD. Sample page 5

If you are interested in zentangle and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend this book as a great guide to the world of zentangle.

OZaD. Author



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