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Tangle Tuesday, Sampler Redux

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I showed you this sampler back in May of 2011, when I first began to Zentangle. A fantastic way to get more comfortable with a bunch of tangle patterns.

I started by filling up the page with Cadent, which created a bunch of little boxes to fill in with other tangle patterns…

Zentangle. Sampler blank

And, because I’m a total nerd, I took a picture of it every time I filled in a little square…

Zentangle. Sampler process

I really like looking at the step by step pictures…

Zentangle. Sampler halfway done

Now that it’s all done I just need to go back and add the finishing touch, you guessed it, shading.

Zentangle. Sampler filled

Tune in next week for The Shading!



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One thought on “Tangle Tuesday, Sampler Redux

  1. Love this post and the fact that it led me to I started doodling in the Zentangle style before I really knew that it was “a thing”. So happy I discovered it and all of the amazing web-sites, lists, books, tips and tricks! Your sampler is really cool and I’m looking forward to seeing it with the shading added. đŸ™‚