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Truthy Tuesday, Work to Live

Dear Reader(s),

I have been neglecting my little blog as of late. My brain has been totally consumed with the major drama of my life, work. I am of the opinion that work should facilitate my life. Not be my life. I work to get a paycheck to pay for my family to live and partake in activities that bring meaning and joy to our lives. When the drama at work takes over my waking mind and prevents me from sleeping, it’s time for a change.

I’ve been searching for a job somewhat half-heartedly for about two months now. No real bites. But now I need to focus on finding something new, something in the same state as my home. I want to continue posting regularly, but they’ll probably just be picture posts for a few weeks, hopefully two months at the outside. I WILL have a new job by then, and then I can turn my energy to writing and opening my Etsy shop.

Right now, though, all my energy is going to the MakesFamily, and to selling my awesome self to the employer that is smart enough to hire me.

Prayers, wishful thoughts, jedi hugs…all welcomed.


Photo Collage. Life is Good


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