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Friday Craft, Upcycled Business Cards

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My mission this weekend is to start really working on my Etsy shop and the branding of my business. I’ve got to write the About section, the Welcome section and the policies about shipping, returns, etc. I’ve also got to get some good pictures taken to upload for each item I want to sell.

To say I’ve been stumped by ‘branding’ is putting it lightly.

So I say fooey to branding, for right now at least, and I’m forging ahead anyway. I’m going to make a simple text logo and create a stamp, and then make business cards using recycled packaging cardboard and paint. I’ve wanted to try carving stamps for some time, and for a bit there I ‘lost’ the supplies in my craft cave. I recovered them last weekend and it’s time to give it a try.

carve a logo stamp



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One thought on “Friday Craft, Upcycled Business Cards

  1. Today I’ve got a quick craft tutorial for you, wine cork vases. They’re easy to make and only require a few supplies.I can imagine these miniature vases adorning a table for a wedding. Sometimes I wish I had a wedding to plan simply for the crafting/decorating part of it. Maybe I missed my calling, party planner. But then again, I’m way too greedy with my weekends. I want them all for myself and family.Supplies:Wine corkX-Acto knifeSmall plastic vial – I used a plastic vile from a bubble container. The kind you find in the wedding section of the craft store.Small craft saw 1. Soak wine cork in water overnight. This will prevent the cork from falling apart when you carve it.2. Hollow out a hole in the center of the cork with an X-Acto knife. This takes a little time and patience. It took me about 10 minutes to carve out the hole. 3. With your craft saw, cut plastic vile to fit in cork.*Don’t have a bubble container on hand? Look around your house to see what else you could use. The plastic containers seed beads are packaged in would work just as well. Another idea would be caps from skinny markers. Check the junk drawer and get creative, you’re bound to find something. Where there’s a craft will there’s a way. 4. Place plastic vial in wine cork, fill with water, and add a flower.*Because the vases are so light, I recommend placing a removable glue dot on the base to prevent them from falling over.