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Friday Craft, Make Stuff for Mom

It’s almost that time of year again, time to get a gift ready for Mom!

I have a few tutorials/ideas for inexpensive crafty gifts: picture magnets for the fridge, tiny bead and wire trees, upcycled fruit holders, simple earrings, a zentangle or an art piece or a photo of beautiful flowers in a nice frame.

Photo Collage. Flowers.

Not everyone has a Mom. Some have lost theirs, some have chosen not to be in relationship with theirs. But almost everyone has a Mom-figure in their lives, the comforter, the nurturer. The one you call when something great happens, or when something awful happens.

Honor your ‘Mom’ too. Even just a hand-written note with some words from your heart.

I’ve had several Moms in my life, to varying degrees. I would not be the Mom I am today without their influence. I’m going to make them some stuff, and send it along with a note filled with love and gratitude.

How’s your Mom?



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