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Truthy Tuesday, What a World

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I have a confession. I have not watched any news about the Boston Marathon Bombing.

I am totally immersed in my own saga and stress and the push to stay sane while looking for a new workplace. I’ve had to lock this one out for the most part.

But I still get tidbits, the (young) age of one of the fatalities. The pictures of terrified bystanders. The fear of those around me, the very valid question…could this happen here? Living and/or working in a major city takes on new meaning in the aftermath of events like these.

My thoughts go out to everyone in Boston, the participants in the race and the family and friends of any who were hurt or killed.

Blessed be to all.



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One thought on “Truthy Tuesday, What a World

  1. It just more sadness – I haven’t been following it much, I tune in every so often to see if there is any breaking news on the topic.
    Good luck to you working through your stress.