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Friday Craft, Inspiration Book Project #4

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This is a painting project from one of my many Inspiration Books. I can’t remember which magazine I cut it out from, please correct me if you recognize this project.

Circles Painting in Process

Originally a diptych, I didn’t have two canvasses I wanted to use so I modified a bit. It needs…more.  There’s way too much white space. I’m going to use a wash and perhaps splatter some more paint on it. Or possibly tiny dots of paint, or some zentangles.


Here’s a picture of the original project:

Inspiration Book. Circles DiptychI love the blending of colors and there’s also a textural element you can’t really see in this photograph of a photograph.

To be continued, dear reader(s).


PS – What are you working on right now?


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One thought on “Friday Craft, Inspiration Book Project #4

  1. Until an order of goodies arrived and I was so enamored that everything else fell by the wayside. What was in that order?? Paper! And paint pens! Just the things to make a Zentangle mad woman’s heart go pitter patter. The new papers were developed for cartoonists and the folks who draw Manga. What is intended as the “face” or front side of each sheet has non-reproducible blue marks, grids, and numbers for alignment, etc. Which I sure am not interested in! The reverse side, on the other hand, is just perfectly smooth and ready to receive the ink from Pigma pens. What so enamored me to these papers is the quality, size, and shape. The Cachet journal I use is 8″ x 8″ and I love it. But I’ve been thinking that I’d like to work larger and perhaps draw a larger scale piece that could be framed. And that’s where these these papers come in. One is 8.5″ x 11″ while the other is 5″ x 17″. Yep, that’s correct – 17″ long. Just think how cool it would be to create Zentangles on long strips of lovely, smooth paper. You can frame it, cover the blue marks on the other side with pretty papers and fold the unit into a triptych. Or draw tangles up and down the length, use a straight edge to cut the piece into 3 (or more or less!) smaller pieces and then fill them individually with doodles or Zentangles. The Zentangle folks call that an Ensembles and this is something I’m going to try as it intrigues the heck out of me! There are just so many ways to mess with this stuff that I’m on overload thinking of them all!