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Friday Craft, Bride of Craft

Oh to get married again! It was truly one of the very best days of my life.


I considered becoming a wedding planner for a long time after the wedding because it was so much fun to fill in all the little details of our day with meaningful bits from our life. So in honor of our week of love, I’m going to reminsce about the awesomeness that was…with a focus on the craftiness, of course!

CenterpiecesWe used Bonsai trees as centerpieces. My Maid of Honor’s Dad has a bonsai business/addiction, and he generously donated the use of about 15 trees as centerpieces and decorations. We even got to take one home as a gift. My Mother- and Auntie-in-law to be made beautiful runners from the lavender fabric in this pic, a brocade with dragons and phoenixes, feng shui symbols for a harmonious marriage. Worked like a charm! My husbands surrogate Mom and Dad donated the little disposable cameras for each table. Half of the pictures were up the nose shots, and half of them were wonderful shots of the guests, pictures we would not have without these little cameras.

For my Bridesmaids gift, I made each a macrame anklet with a sparkly initial bead, and put them into a little tote with their initials on it.  While we were honeymooning in Mexico, I bought seashells and brought back some sand and then at home I got 3 craft paper frames and covered them with seashells and sand from the honeymoon, and put in a picture of the bride and the maid. I wish I’d taken a picture of them, but alas, that was before I was an annoying blogger who snaps pictures of everything!

Groomsmen boutonnieres

For my man’s Groomsmen he wanted to make these simple Shell boutonnieres, a Martha Stewart project I must confess.  They came together very quickly with some hot glue and lapel pins. No fuss no muss…

Bookmark favors

As favors I made these bookmarks and I also made two vow books using the same tree symbol. We each wrote our own vows, and used the books during the ceremony so we didn’t have to memorize them. Then we exchanged the books after reading them during the ceremony. My goal was to read them every anniversary, but that hasn’t happened. I’m so glad I have then, though, to look through whenever I get sappy and ambitious and try to work on my wedding scrapbook.

Yes, I’ll confess, it’s been 9 years and the wedding album/scrapbook is not complete. Now you know my deepest darkest secret…I’m a procrastinating scrapbooker!

I’ll stop now, but there were so many touches that made our wedding so special. So many friends and family donated to our big day to make it a fantastic party; our photographer was a Cousin, our wedding cake and bakalava were made by dear friends, our flowers put together by another friend, my wedding dress purchased by, you guessed it, friends!  I could go on and on (and on).



What are some wonderful wedding touches you’ve seen, or are planning for your big day! I’d love to hear about it in comments…


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