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Friday Craft, Book Love and Wire Frames

I am currently in love with a new book I bought, Build Your Own Wire Pendants by Kimberly Sciaraffa Berlin. I’ve stopped buying crafty books now that I’ve discovered how wonderfully stocked our local library system is, but when I spotted this one on Amazon, it was impulsively purchased with one click!


I love love love the look of these pendants, and wanted to build my skills in this area already, so…It’s like an investment in my business and my education at the same time!

It’s not a gigantic book, no more than 100 pages, but it’s packed with pendant frame instructions and ideas. So many variations. There’s also a section in the back about creating bezels with wire and how to embellish them. Swoon.examples

I started with this frame…

Wire frame #1Jewelry. Beaded Wire frame 1

…then this one…

Jewelry. Wire wrapped pendant with green beadsNow I’ve got these frames ready to bead…

Jewelry. Pendant frames Jewlery. Heart pendant

This book was well worth the price and I highly recommend it.



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