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Friday Craft, Inspiration Book Project #5


So this project comes from a recently borrowed library book, but I’ve been wanting to try my hand at carving my own stamps for awhile now. I bought a basic carving set that came with 5 blades a few months ago. It is perfect for a beginner, and the blades fit inside the handle.

Craft. Books. Making an ImpressionThis book is beautifully put together and explains the carving process very simply in the first part of the book.

Craft. Stamp Carving processI had white and pink erasers to start with, and the white erasers were definitely easier to work with. The pink eraser is way too squishy to carve well.

Of course the only process pictures I took were of the squishy pink variety.

Craft. Stamp Carving doneThese are the finished stamps created using images from the book and the white erasers. All told I spent about 2-3 hours creating these from start to finish. The tiny images with thin lines were a bit challenging for my first attempt, but I love the result.



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  1. You can’t just buy any regular eraser and think it will work well for carving– not all erasers were made for carving. Some are too soft or are gritty, and will crumble when carved, and some are too plastic-y and will tear off and splinter. Your best bet will be a firm vinyl eraser– my current preferred brand of erasers for stamp carving is by Faber-Castell as it carves neatly and firmly.