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Friday Craft, Theoretical Color

I have had this idea for sometime, but recently felt the inspiration to make some cute little charms to use in my jewelry. Using some Martha Stewart Paper Clay and Molds, I made several charms…

Clay charms in mold

I use head pins to create a bail, and usually twist them or bend them in some way before covering them in clay. That way they will be less likely to just pull right out of the charm. Leave in the mold overnight to firm up.

Unpainted CharmsWhen they’re ready they feel a bit like an eraser, and the image will bounce back if you press on it.

I tried a few different ways to add color, markers, oil pastels, and finally landed on watercolors.

Charms in processI like the ability to layer colors on the charm. Leave overnight to dry completely.Painted CharmsI used a gel medium to protect the color, but it makes the watercolors bleed when I brush it on, so I’m going to try a spray finish next time.

Finished Charms




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