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Friday Craft, Crafty Party

I’m working on crafts for KidMake’s birthday party, a slumber party, dun dun dun! We’ll have three friends spend the night so I’m thinking about having at least 3 crafty options ready to go just in case. Hopefully, they’ll spend too much time adventuring in the back yard to craft at all, but I want to be ready for the boredom to hit.

I think they may enjoy painting paper clay flowers and letters and woodland creatures. I’ve got several molds (from Martha’s collection), but I may get a couple more. I’ve got two weeks to prep each girls’ name and a few flowers etc for them to choose from.

Clay Molds by Martha

Paper City Circus Made by Joel – I love Joel’s paper-scapes. There are so many to choose from…


Zentangles – always always an option!



Nature Explorer Bracelet from the Kiwi Crate blog – Check Kiwi Crate for ideas, their blog is filled with ideas for creative exploration mixed with learning. This looks like a great idea to start them out with and then send them out the door!

Nature Explorer Bracelet at Kiwi Crate

Faux Crewel at matsutake – yarn + glue = heaven!

Faux Crewel at matsutakeMCM


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