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Friday Craft, Upcycled Storage Part 1

There are so very many opportunities to upcycle the food packaging we use everyday. Now that I’m in the habit, I see potential craft storage everywhere I look!

In Part 1, I’m showing the plastic containers with lids that I upcycle most often. These I’m using for jewelry storage, they could be used for toy storage, in the workshop for nuts and bolts. The Makes Family also re-uses these to store leftovers. We’ve gotten into the habit of intentionally mis-matching the lids though, because it gets hard to tell which is the actual yogurt and which is the leftover lasagne.

Of course it’s critically important to wash and dry very very well before taking your lovely containers into the craft room.

Do you upcycle? Next time I’ll take a look at a few more upcycled storage ideas…



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