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Friday Craft, Upcycled Storage Part 2

Upcycled storage part deux! Today I will show you some of my many alternative forms of storage.

photo (6)These lids came from a Costco sized something, the main body of the container was too flimsy and awkward to use, but I love the lids for corralling my tiny paper clay bits. Plus they are stackable when I need to put them away and move on to another craft whim…

photo (8)One lid for painted charms, one lid for unpainted charms. Easy organization on the cheap!

photo (7)

I do enjoy my Tic Tacs, and they are perfect containers for jewelry making supplies and other bits and bobs. I try to make sure I take the sticker off as soon as possible, though, because if you leave the sticker/label on too long, the odds of removing it without leaving sticky crap behind diminish.

photo (12)

Toilet paper rolls! Who knew?! I use these to keep all my pens, scissors, brushes, etc, upright in their larger storage container. It also makes sorting them much easier.

photo (10)Checkbook boxes. Great for paper scraps, and also stackable…

photo (11)

The above is a cereal box! I know! Cut with an xacto knife and wrapped in duct tape, it’s perfect for corralling my bigger paper craft projects and sorting some collage materials.

photo (1)And finally, the receptionist at work gave me this awesome US Mail box which now holds all manner of crafty item.

How do you upcycle?




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