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Friday Craft, Holiday Prep Part I

Yes, I am already thinking about this Christmas!

This holiday season, I need to prepare gifts for our friends and family as well as preparing for my first craft bazaar. I’m going to jump in with both feet and see how it goes and what I can learn.

I think I’ll need at least 100 assorted jewelry items for the show, and I’ve got about 50 cards made, collaged and photography cards. I’m also going to need business cards, packaging, displays, signage, and a ton of other stuff I’m not thinking of, I’m sure.

I would also like to finish the christmas themed bird houses that are all painted and just waiting for final decorations to make them complete. I’m slowly building my stash of seasonal decorations, little by little each year. We’ve not been much for decorating thus far, but I would like our little house to reflect the festivity of the holiday seasons.

Tree Farm Ants Eye View

When do you start getting ready for the Holiday Season?



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