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Friday Craft, Honeydo

Here at House Makes we are leveling up.

It’s time for KidMakes to become BigKidMakes, and she’s fighting it with every tear in her little body.

This year, we are focused on teaching KidMakes to put away her own clothes and empty the clean dishwasher. Right now, she would rather be in her room all day, hysterically crying, than complete the first of these tasks.

Dishes are not so big a deal.

As of this writing she has cried for 3 hours, had a snack, and then finished her chore in 45 minutes.

My solution to this situation, is craft based. Wait, hear me out…

When she gets scared at bedtime (or pretends to be scared to delay bedtime by 5 more precious minutes, we have a script. “What would Cyborg do if he were scared? What would Starfire do if she were scared?” It’s worked pretty well, so I am calling on the Teen Titans again for help.

These were created using images from Fanpop and PicMonkey, with which I am now officially in love. They will be going up in KidMakes’ room as soon as I get frames. I think I’ll dole them out wrapped up like gifts, one per weekend. Maybe she’ll associate her weekend chores with fun if she’s got her superhero friends to look at.

Pray for us.



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