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Friday Craft, Inspiration Book Project #9

I have tried this project before, and like this one twice as much as my first attempt.


7 inches of 16g wire   |   12-16 5 inch segments of 24g wire   |   Pliers   |   Mandrel   |   seed beads and crystals   |   about 4 hours

Make a giant wrapped loop using the 16g wire and a mandrel of some sort, for this I used an empty spice jar.

Take your bundle of 24g wire segments, and wrap them together about 1.5 inches from one end. Use your frame to judge how far to wrap the bundle together. The idea is to have a tree trunk, with roots and branches that wrap around the frame. (See lower left picture)

Once you’re happy with the tree trunk, start wrapping two of the root wires together. Pair up and wrap all the root wires, creating more substantial roots.  Wrap these around the bottom of the frame, sculpting them into roots to taste.

After you’ve wrapped all your roots onto the frame, separate the branch wires, and load them with seed beads and crystals. (I like to spread out the branch wires so I can develop a loose ‘plan’ about how I will include special beads, or spread out the branches to create a full canopy.)

Tree of Life pendant.01process



Voila! I really like how the trunk in this piece is a little off center, and how the roots and trunk came out. Next time I would use at least two more wires in the bunch, perhaps four, for a fuller trunk and more robust root system.

Tree of Life pendant.02product



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