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Friday Craft, Holiday Prep Part III – Linkfarm Edition

I am deep in the listmaking and idea gathering portion of holiday prep. The bazaar I wanted to enter is most likely full, so I will also be looking for other options to dip my toe into the craft show waters. Today, I’m hunting for crafty gift ideas for men, women and kids. With an eye out for crafts that I can make with KidMakes.

Duct tape pencil case @ While They Snooze


diy textured polymer clay trinket bowl @ creme de la gems

clay bowl

diy glitter gems and magnets @ Thrive 360 – a great site for activities to do with kids

Glitter Gem Flower resized marked

Recycled Book Blocks @ trashy crafter


And I got this book from the library yesterday and I am so excited to start making!

artisan filigree



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