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Friday Craft, Show Me the (Handmade Jewelry)

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Even though my craft fair of choice is full this year, I am going to proceed as if it were not. Wooho! I have just submitted my registration form and will be showing on November 9th at a local high school. So, yeah, less than a month away. Uhhh…

The most intimidating part for me right now is trying to imagine how to display all my items in an engaging way. So… more research and links!! (You’re welcome.)

I’ve got several photo boxes that are not being fully utilized, I was thinking of covering them in chalkboard paint, then I can label them and indicate price.


I bought these jewelry hangers on sale at Craft Warehouse as a possibility.


Here’s an idea from Jillian Frances, to cover bricks in burlap to display necklaces. I love the little square cubes with wire to hang the earrings from as well.


sew, mama, sew has a great series of posts about showing at a craft fair, including a printable tool kit list!

So much to do in so little time, I am excited and nervous. Mantra: I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.



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