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Friday Craft, Shop Update


Production continues in preparation for the exciting Holiday Bazaar (11/9/13!) and I will probably be putting the Etsy shop on hiatus until after the festivities. Then I can reassess what beautiful products I’ve got left and figure out how to market for the big holiday push.

Beaded Pendants

In 2014 I will have to decide if Etsy is still right for me. They have recently changed their policies to allow shops that use production assistance to sell, which means that you can design your piece, send it to factory to have it made, and still sell on Etsy “The Handmade Marketplace”. At least that is my uninformed understanding of the changes.

I don’t really want to compete with mass-produced goods, which is why I opened a shop with Etsy in the first place. But if not Etsy, than what?

Stay tuned…



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2 thoughts on “Friday Craft, Shop Update

  1. Good luck. I too am considering looking for another place to host my shop. I am going to put my shop on a hiatus as well.