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Sunday Recap, Holiday Bazaar Edition

Phew, it’s over.

MCM MVHS Holiday Bazaar 2013.11

Okay, let’s do the whole plus/delta thing for the Holiday Bazaar…

What worked: Getting there on time; bringing hot coffee; saying hello to all the folks within reach; using a checklist the night before to make sure you’ve got everything ready and packed up before heading to bed; making nice with the neighbors; asking for help. Having a logo and a logo stamp made packaging everything up much easier.

What I will change: A cart to save my hands from carrying too many heavy bags; a shirt with a better neckline; a thicker sweater; logging into Square the night before; diversify with brooches and hair jewelry perhaps. I will change the earring cards and maybe package the Christmas cards into a little 10 card set.

Overall: I felt prepared and taken care of. The other vendors were almost all friendly and appropriately chatty. I sold less than I’d hoped but the experience was worth it. I am seriously considering doing this again!



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