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Thankful Thursday

A Happy Thanksgiving gift to you, yay! A new series!

I need some perspective, so starting today and for the next 52 weeks (at least) I want to post my gratitude list here.

Photo Collage. JT Bonsai

About a year ago, I responded to a Top Five question on one of my favorite sites, Shakesville, asking about our Top Five Days Ever. My response:

  • The day we moved into our own place that our parents weren’t paying for in any way, a 5 minute walk from cliffs overlooking New Brighton Beach in CA.
  • The day he proposed, in which I was giving him a hard time for not having proposed yet, his reply to said hard time was to take the box out of his pocket. Sitting on a bench, overlooking New Brighton Beach in CA. On the Summer Solstice.
  • The day we married, too many wonderful moments to list.
  • The second time we found out I was pregnant – the first pregnancy resulted in abortion, a situation we vowed to never face again. This time we were ready and so so so happy. We went to Planned Parenthood for an ‘official’ test, and laughed and cried and jumped up and down.
  • My daughter’s birth day, a blessedly quick labor and 98% complication free delivery. And the first time I had ever met a blood relative face to face.

All still true.

What about you, Dear Reader? What are your Top Five Days (Yet)?



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