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Friday Craft, Shows I Craft To

Farscape – Lost in space with sexy, silly, funny alien fugitive buddies, John Crichton falls in love, dies, lives, and saves the universe. The Henson Company created some amazing creatures for this show, with wonderful acting and storytelling. Highly recommended. (Image Source)



Eureka – fluffy science hijinks with a dash of emotional relationship drama; cool inventions, routine End of the World avoidance, and Wesley Crusher as the office jerk. Loved it.  (Image Source)



Battlestar Galactica – Cylons and skinjobs and prophecy, oh my. The final episode was not what I had hoped it would be, but what a great ride. Definitely worth watching.  (Image Source)


Prime Suspect – Helen. Mirren. Kicks. Sexism’s. Behind. (Image Source)


Star Wars: the Clone Wars – This is how I wish the story had been developed in the ‘official’ sequels. Let’s see an Anakin we can care about before you destroy him. (Image Source)


Midsomer Murders – Murder most foul in very British Midsomer (Image Source)


Inspector Lewis – Ditto in Oxford (Image Source)


Supernatural – Hardy Boys of Generation X; classic rock, classic cars, and classic spooks. As you will. Yes, it’s on The CW. Season 9 is wrapping up now. (Image Source)


Sons of Anarchy – Violent, profanity laden, misogynistic poetry. Hurts so good. Seventh and final season premiere Fall 2014. (Image Source)



PS – Boo on Syfy <dot> com for having auto-play with sound on their sites. I would have used the official pages for Eureka and Battlestar Galactia, but HATE auto play sound with such a passion that I could not stand for it.


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