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Friday Craft, Chakra 101

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel or disk.
A chakra is an invisible center of spinning energy. Seven chakras follow the spine from tailbone to the crown of the skull.
These seven centers of spinning energy symbolize the path of development from primitive being to the full evolution of unfolded awareness.
They are mentioned in the Vedas and the Upaniushads, the ancient texts of Hinduism.
Similar concepts are found in the Bible, among Native American Indian mythology, and in India, China,Tibet and parts of Europe and Africa.

  • First chakra or base chakra, base of the spine
  • Second chakra or sacral chakra, below the navel
  • Third chakra or solar plexus chakra, center of abdomen
  • Fourth chakra or heart chakra, center of the chest
  • Fifth chakra or throat chakra, base of the throat
  • Sixth chakra or third eye chakra, center of the forehead
  • Seventh chakra or crown chakra, top of the head



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