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Saturday Spotlight, Ladymade

Spotlight number two is Ladymade Shrinky Dink Jewelry, drawn and colored by hand from good old shrinky dinks.

LadymadeWhat struck me were the bright colors and cute but not cutesy designs. Shop birds, flowers and anatomical designs in earrings and pendants. Bright cartoony mixed with more subtle and elegant.

From the artist’s Etsy ‘About‘ page:

… I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time… Portland’s craft movement was gaining momentum as I was beginning my craft business. At my first holiday Carft Fair in 2005, I offered a few simple designs such as kitty cat silhouettes and record players and by the next winter, I was offering dozens of different designs, all hand drawn and colored.

I have been approached by stores wanting to carry pieces in their shops, and Ladymade can now be found in 6 stores around Portland.

Click on the image above to grab yourself some beautiful Ladymade jewelry!



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