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Again, I am acutely aware of my privilege as I have been ignorant of the news this week, the unrest in Baltimore after the heinous death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore police custody. I have the privilege of the option of ignorance.

How can the death by a broken neck, of a person presumed innocent until proven guilty, be such a non-issue until people start protesting?

How can our President, so enraged by climate change, not even mention the alarming increase of these killings? No comment, until a Baltimore CVS goes up in flames?

I know that many, many police officers are good, do good and honestly want justice for all. But those officers are being erased by the ongoing crimes committed by their brothers in arms.

CVS does not matter. That building is covered by insurance and will be rebuilt by the incredibly wealthy corporation that owns it.

The people inside the CVS matter. Human beings matter. #blacklivesmatter

What can I do to help this situation? I will be educating myself over the next few days and will post what I’ve come up with.

For now, I will link you to this amazing post by abagond, because I cannot say it better…

…From that very first day, Friday August 20th 1619, when African people first set foot in Anglo America, they came, in the eyes of Whites, as things with a price tag. Now that the price tags are gone, many Whites seem to see Blacks not as priceless but as worthless, worth less than a CVS. Most Whites seem to be more upset about riots than about police brutality…



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