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Friday Craft, Envelope Album Part Deux, Envelope Album Strikes Back


This is my second attempt at the envelope album, using a package of pretty cheap cards with envelopes. I used a very old paper pad from my stash.

Learnings from this attempt:

  • Use quality materials, especially for a book of this type. I want this book to be handled and paged through again and again. It won’t last if I don’t use quality paper and good adhesive.
  • I’m still learning how best to do the spine. On this book, I attached the inside cover paper, which split where the book bends and had to be covered up with washi tape, which does not stick well enough to cover my mistake. The book cover and adhering the spine to it are challenges I’m still working to master.
  • These books need a closure of some type. When they are filled with embellishments (of which this book has none!) and photographs something is needed to keep the book closed.

I also tried to use my scraps, because these books create tons of little strips and tiny pieces that I hate to just throw away. In the bottom left picture you can see the pocket is covered with stripes of different paper. I really liked the effect.

Stay tuned, I just couldn’t stop making these books. The learning continues in episode three, Return of the Envelop Album.



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