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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Six


Printable journal kit, Rose Azure by Tsunami Rose

I bought 5 kits from Tsunami Rose and this is the first one I put together. It’s an unusual size. and I made a cover for it in the traditional way, using chipboard and paper. It’s short and fat, and I like how it turned out. Tsunami Rose’s kits are lovely, with deep saturated color and lots of images collaged together. She also includes a lot of quotes and words to use, along with the ever present pockets and ephemera bits. This kit came with so many pages I didn’t use any plain white paper, except for a few little inserts and tags to go into the pockets. Most of her kits are only $2.50 during her summer sale, and packed with content. Like I said, I bought 5 and am considering more.


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