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Friday Craft, Art Journal 01


Over the summer I started an art journal. I have resisted purchasing all the delicious supplies that I want, and only bought some distress ink minis, a couple of very basic stamps and the book. I began in this smallish book to see if I would really do it. As of now I have almost filled up the book.ArtJournal_Hexagons

-> This page is one of the first. The hexagon stamp is part of a small set of shapes. Using the distress ink mini pads, I just stamped all over the page. Using a water brush, I spread the ink around a bit to fill in some of the hex shapes. Some black zig zags for contrast (another stamp from the set), a black border and the date and done.




<- Another early page. This was done with oil pastels and pitt pen. I started the page with Tim Holtz tissue paper, then a layer of thin gesso. I sketched out the plant, and used the pastels for color.





-> These birds were inspired by a Pinterest post. The birds are blobs of watercolor, outlined with pitt pen. I did the background last, and I don’t like the look of it. But I love the whimsical birds. I would definitely do this one again. Possibly a good project to do with the kiddos.

Stay tuned for more art journal fun.


ETA: the series continues here…Ep 2   |   Ep 3   |   Ep 4   |   Ep 5


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  1. So where does one find a Pitt pen?