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Friday Craft, Art Journal 02

I definitely art journal in bursts. If I have paint or ink left over on a stamp, I will turn to a fresh page and use it. Anything to get rid of that white space.  If I’m not happy about the current page, I will turn to a new page and start again. Then when I return to the other page, I’ve usually got a fresh perspective and can take it in a new direction.

ArtJournal_GreenBluePurple The hardest part of art journaling is the voice inside your head that asks ‘what exactly is this for? how is this going to turn out?’ For me, the essence of art journaling is the process, the fun of spreading ink and paint on paper. The finished product is almost irrelevant.


I tend to use colors and shapes that are pleasing to my eye, so the final product is always a mixture of things I like already.

I like bright colors. I like geometric shapes and florals. I like it when colors blend together. I like simple compositions.

What do you like?


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