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Friday Craft, Art Journal 05


Another page from my first art journal. Stamps and embossing and watercolors, oh my!


I purchased these Tim Holtz flower stamps on sale (along with the Crazy Birds set) and was compelled to watercolor them after using some embossing powder to create a resist.

It was as much fun as you suspect. I embossed the flowers first, then I could place the stems and brush away the powder where they overlapped. Then it was all watercolor bliss. I put down the yellows first, then came back in with the blues and reds.

For the orange flower, I tried using my darkest red color first, then I sort of scrubbed in the lighter orange and yellow towards the bottom. I love how it turned out.

To finish it up, I mixed ultramarine and umber to get a kind of payne’s gray, and I watered that down and put it in the bottom left area to give the impression of shadow.

I’m so impressed with myself. I know I’ll use this technique again.


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