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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode 8

The book making continues in my craft cave, and the books were more popular at my craft fair than my jewelry. Right now I’m working on creating a junk journal from scratch, using some old paper pads from my stash. I’m hoping to move into the video tutorial arena with my very own YouTube channel, but I’ll need a good-ish camera to make that happen. Stay tuned…

I made this book awhile ago, using a beautiful digital kit from Tsunami Rose called Charming Fragments.


I used a file folder for the cover, some 6×9 mailing envelopes, some tiny doilies for tuck spots, and all the wonderful ephemera included in the kit. The ribbon is held to the cover through an eyelet.

Whenever I finish a book I inevitably have ephemera left over, which I have been collecting in an envelope. I try to use every scrap knowing that crafting can be a very wasteful hobby, and this book does include some cards and tags from other kits. Eventually I’ll have enough to make a mash-up junk journal.


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