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Friday Craft, Art Journal 10

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The watercolor adventure continues. I bought a bottle of masking fluid and wanted to play around, what better place than in my Art Journal? For me, this is the spot to try new techniques and make a mess. I can always cover up the page if it’s terrible and start again.

This bottle was less than $10 and came with the precision tip, which is great for small areas. I haven’t tried using it to mask a large area yet, but the fluid is pretty viscous and would probably spread well enough.

Masking Fluid Watercolor

Art Journal Page Masking Prep Watercolor

Starting with a blank page I sketched some flowers and grass with the masking fluid and set it aside to dry for an hour. It probably did not need this much time but I wanted to be certain, especially about the thicker areas in the center of the flowers.

Once I was sure everything was dry I used watercolors to make a wash, from blue at the top to green at the bottom. Then after the watercolors dried I peeled off the masking fluid.

Art Journal Page Masking Removed Watercolor 02 Art Journal Page Masking Removed Watercolor 03 Close up

I could have left it alone, but of course not. I painted the flowers and grass, and added a mushroom and some blue paint splatters.

Art Journal Page Masking Finished

Viola! What are you working on right now?


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  1. What fun! Gives me some ideas!