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Friday Craft, Stamps and Masks


I used masks to make these scenes with two of my stamp sets. Masking is a technique where you stamp the front-most image first, then cut out a mask to place over the stamped image to protect it as you continue stamping.


For the flower bouquet, I stamped the peony on the bottom left first, put a mask over it and stamped the three leaf cluster next, put a mask over that, and so on. The last thing I stamped was the bottle.

I’m not super excited about the magical day panel on the left, but I know that I’m still learning and will improve with time and practice. I don’t like the spacing of the flowers on either side of the tiny house, but once it’s colored in I trust that no one will notice but me.



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2 thoughts on “Friday Craft, Stamps and Masks

  1. So sweet! Great job!