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Friday Craft, Sewing Fabricdoris

The Midori Traveler’s Notebook is a brand of planner/notebook from Japan, a leather cover which holds notebook inserts using elastic. There is an entire community of users who have adapted this concept and created their own covers, inserts and other fun accessories.

These are some handmade versions using fabric instead of leather, with some handmade inserts as well. It’s a lot more fun making the fabric cover than it is making the paper inserts.


It’s been a few years since I took to the sewing machine. I forgot how much I enjoy it. The actual act of sewing, but not the ironing, measuring and cutting. Too bad, because that part takes up 60-70% of the actual time spent on a project.

But I was able to flex my creative muscles with these. Since they’re just big rectangles in essence, and created no small amount of waste fabric after measuring and cutting, I added side pockets to several of them and was able to use up most of that waste.

For my next batch, I want to figure out how to add a zipper pocket, or perhaps some other way to hold a pen inside the cover.





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