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About Mama Carrie

Mama Carrie: a mother, wife, worker bee, crafter, book nerd and friend-to-all.  My hobby is collecting hobbies, which so far include: knit, crochet, cross stitch, jewelry, beading, wirework, card making, macrame, art journaling, doodling, zentangling, painting, stamping, sewing, quilting, softies, patchwork, photography and blogging!

I am learning to love my body and encourage every body to be kind to themselves and each other. Please feel welcome here.  I have but one rule, treat others as you would be treated.  That said, blessed be and merry meet.

Mama CarrieMCM




5 thoughts on “About Mama Carrie

  1. This is a great blog! I stumbled in here but I enjoyed it from the start! I look forward to following,

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  3. Ha – my hobby is hobbies too…

  4. Well, you rarely comment, but you commented on mine! So here’s one back!

    Thanks a lot for sharing your story on my blog.

    Good luck with ALL your hobbies!


    – Prozacblogger

  5. Looks like we both just started a blog 🙂 Yes, let us write.

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