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Posts I am working on right now:

  • I am 1 in 4
  • Body work
  • Daddy Dearest
  • Milestones, Part III

This Saturday my family will be participating in the 2010 Human Race here in Santa Cruz to raise funds for the hospice I work for.  Every year, we have many patients who are not insured and do not qualify for Medicare.  Folks in this situation are never turned away from Hospice services.  The money we raise this weekend will go toward this ‘charity care’, and toward our other community programs.  

Sunday Mother’s Day I will be celebrating my 5th year as a mother, and have been working intently on my offerings for the three mothers in my life.  (A crafty photo dump post is in the works as well!)

Changes at work have me at coping-capacity.  I have dived headfirst into my fabric stash to sew myself calm.  Will start rolling out the posts-in-process soon.

Stay tuned, dear imaginary reader(s)!

Secret Pleasure – Flash Games

Something about the repeated clicking of the mouse buttons soothes my burdened soul. A list of my current faves:

  • Chain Factor – A simple numbers game, similar to Connect 4.  Drop discs, some with numbers from 1-7, some are just grey.  Match the number to it’s place in the row or column (i.e. drop the 4 to make a row or column of 4) and the disc disappears.  Grey discs wither when the disc next to them disappears, eventually turning into a number 1-7.
  • Grow Island – Start with an empty island.  Click the different industries in your selected order and see the effects on the island.
  • Coign of Vantage – rotate the pixels on the screen until the image appears.
  • Boomshine – detonate your boom in the right place to ‘splode the required number of shines.  Music on this one is not mute-able.
  • Speedtest – a typing speed test.
  • Free Rice – a vocabulary test for good cause.
  • Temple Guardian – your basic Tower Defense with a little mystical flair.
  • Vehicle Defense – another Tower Defense with…vehicles.

Most of these start with music that can be disabled, if you like.

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