Mama Carrie Makes


Visit my shop, MamaCarrieMakes for original handmade goodies! Custom orders always welcome.

0001_Necklace_Owl (1)

0049_Necklace_LampworkBeads_RoseBlueGreen (6)

0060_Necklace_AsymmetricalBlueWhite (3)

Jewelry. Earrings. Lampwork beads with Crystal and Stone accents (3)


Jewelry. Earring collection. Silver chain with Colorful dangle accents (4)

Jewelry. Bracelet, Tiny Planets (2)SOLD!!

Jewelry. Sets. Purple Crystal on Gold Necklace and Earrings (3)

Jewelry. Leaf necklace with green crystals CLOSE UP


Jewelry. Bangle Earring set with Lampwork Beads silver and black crystal accents and blue coil

Hoops with crystals

Jewelry. Earrings. Hot Pink Stone with Black Crystals (4)
Jewelry. Turquoise Necklace and Earring set size comparison
Jewelry. Amphora necklace with blue and clear crystals
Green Beaded Teardrop frame
Frames with Red Beads

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