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Friday Craft, Sewing with Beads


Sewing with wire and wrapping with wire are two time consuming but relatively simple ways to create handmade jewelry with impressive results.




Friday Craft, Tree of Life Series Part Two

The Trees continue to come out of my craft cave. I am working on a new shop (jumping ship from Etsy) so stay tuned!

Tree_Tiny_TurquoiseCopperThis is the only tiny one I’ve made, I like it but I want to see more of the branches. I think it would be very wise to have a mixture of tiny and big for sale…


I like the mixed metals here, gold and copper wire. The purple beads glow when you see it in person.Tree_OmbreBrownPinkCopper

I really like the ombre colors here and the branches are so clearly defined and visible.Tree_BlueCopper

More mixed metals, and the icy blue really stands out.Tree_TurquoiseSilver Tree_TurquioseBrown_Pointed Tree_PurpleBlueCopperI like the different shape of the frame on these, with the roots growing out of the bend.

More of the same with tiny variations. Progress?



Friday Craft, Tree of Life Series

2014 was a year of craft funk. I started out with a big ambition, craft a bunch, create a big inventory, hit all the major holidays, host some classes, make a big splash.


Then life, as it so often does, came crashing down on that. It seems the bigger the plans I make, the quicker I fail to achieve them.


The second half of 2014 I barely crafted at all. A major work project consumed by brain and energy, and even when that was finished I was in burnout for 3 months afterward.


Craft recovery has only just begun. It started with my ombre spiral pendants, and continues with these trees. I’ve made 14 over the past few weeks and don’t know if/when I’ll stop. In my craft I’ve always been a one-of-a-kind bird, not really repeating a theme too often. This year I think a comfortable series is the way to go.


A little meditative craft to get my groove back. I think it’s working.

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