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Friday Craft, Wire Wrapping and Necklace Clustering

I am a cyclical crafter, and I have returned to making jewelry after almost a year. My desk is covered in my bead stash, and that is how I find inspiration. Paging through my books again and touching all my beads. To break the ice I made the cuff above. A bit of a no-brainer, I could just give my attention to bending wire and creating the frame and then sewing on the beads.

The cluster necklaces are almost no-brainers. I brought together 7 elements from my stash that seemed to fit the theme, and used a second piece of chain to create the cluster/waterfall effect. I’m really liking these…

What are you working on lately?


Friday Craft, Trees of Life Series Part Three

I have passed through my Tree of Life phase. The trick has worked, I feel inspired to create again. I’ve moved from wire and beads to paper and paint. Stay tuned for the fruits of these ingredients. Here are some of my last Tree creations.Tree_BlackGemstonesMulti

I love the multi-colored gemstones against the black wire.Tree_TurquoiseCopperGoldGreen

This tiny copper and turquoise bead tree was made as a gift for a lovely co-worker. The tree on the left is dark green wire with a gold frame. TreeBlueGreenCopper

This is made using some duo-beads, they have holes in both sides of the bead. I love how they look more like leaves than the round beads.


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Friday Craft, Mother Jewelry

We’ve got an abundance or pregnant women at my workplace, and to celebrate them the staff each chose beads to go into a necklace or bracelet for the mother to wear during labor to remind her of our loving support and wishes for health and well-being.

I have the honor of creating the final product from the raw materials, and this is the first completed one.

Mother's necklace

I was going for a charm bracelet vibe, it was challenging to incorporate all the beads into a cohesive piece. I think it came out well though.

And the mother-to-be was very appreciative and seemed to genuinely like it.

I’m calling this one a success.

How many pregnant persons are there in YOUR life this year?