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Friday Craft, Upcycled Business Cards

My mission this weekend is to start really working on my Etsy shop and the branding of my business. I’ve got to write the About section, the Welcome section and the policies about shipping, returns, etc. I’ve also got to get some good pictures taken to upload for each item I want to sell.

To say I’ve been stumped by ‘branding’ is putting it lightly.

So I say fooey to branding, for right now at least, and I’m forging ahead anyway. I’m going to make a simple text logo and create a stamp, and then make business cards using recycled packaging cardboard and paint. I’ve wanted to try carving stamps for some time, and for a bit there I ‘lost’ the supplies in my craft cave. I recovered them last weekend and it’s time to give it a try.

carve a logo stamp




Friday Craft, Product Packaging

To prepare for opening my shop, I put some time and thought into how I could package my pretties. I knew I wanted to use recycled materials, and I have a huge stack of file folders from my work that were going to be thrown out.

Packaging. Recycled File Folders

The idea is that I could trap the necklace and/or bracelet chain inside of the folder, and then tape it closed with pretty washi tape.

Packaging. Hole Punch Tool Packaging. Washi Tape Packaging. Punched holes Continue reading

Friday Craft, Birth of a Shop

It’s time to focus my energy on creating a business out of this activity I love.

Jewelry. Tutorial. Frame Earrings with Blue Beads 08

Business Goals for 2013:

  • Pick a name for my business…Mama Carrie Makes
  • Assess what I’ve got right now that’s ready to sell; is the market already saturated with similar goods? Lots of jewelry and cards, some books, prayer beads, a couple of sewn items…
  • Research product photography and take high quality pictures of finished products…I built a lightbox and bought three lamps and a tripod. The bulbs I chose gave off a very yellow light, so I’ll need to exchange them and try again…
  • Get printed materials in order (business cards, signage, ??)
  • Research and establish prices…
  • Research product descriptions…
  • Get online shop up and running by April 2013…I’ve chosen to try Etsy first
  • Get business/wholesale license? I’m not sure if I’ll need this as a hobbyist?
  • Make a plan to attend craft fairs in 2014…I hope to attend my first craft fair in the spring/summer as a first draft so I can polish up my game in time for the holiday craft fairs, which is where the $$ can happen.
  • So much to consider, what have I forgotten?!?


Friday Craft, Valentine’s Day Link Love

12 Months of Valentine’s Day Dates in a Jar – Papervine

EP Val Book

Valentine’s Day Embroidery Hoop Wall Hangings – Mod Podge Rocks (a good one to do with kiddos!)

Valentine Hoop Decorations

Valentine Paper Airplane – Just Something I Made via Country Living

Valentine Paper Airplane by Just Something I Made

Valentine Lightbulb – design sponge

Valentine Lightbulb by designsponge

Stamped Clay Heart – papersnitch

stamped clay by papersnitch

What are you crafting for Valentine’s Day?


Friday Craft, Here We Go Again

I’ve been cleaning and purging craft cave, again. I had no craft urges in December, so when I opened the door again and sat down to get my crafty feet wet, I was struck by how dysfunctional my craft cave truly is. I’ve made some progress with my main crafty passions, beading and paper crafts, but I have so many supplies and several crafts that I just don’t do very often.

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