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Tangle Tuesday, Starwan

Strawn by Judy Murphy

*Correction: Starwan by Judy Murphy



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Tangle Tuesday, The Diva’s Challenges

(Gah! Apologies for the false post earlier.)

Laura Hamms is the Diva CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) who is responsible for the brilliant and popular Diva’s Weekly Challenges, started in 2011.

I tried to follow along when I first began tangling, but I couldn’t keep up! So I keep a list of her prompts to inspire me. She’s up to #83! About a week later she posts a collection of the (many) submitted tangles. Challenge #83 had 75 submitted pieces!

Some of the Diva challenges I’ve completed so far…


Check out the Zentangle Page!

Tuesday Tangle, Tangles at Work

I am a workplace doodler.

It doesn’t happen a lot, just when I’m in a meeting and not required to present and/or take notes.

I keep a doodle going and add little bits to it each meeting. I can also flip over and take notes if I hear something important.  And that’s the great thing about tangling during a meeting, I am a better listener when my hands are moving. I can focus on what’s being said and I won’t get bored of listening, because of the physical movement of my hands.

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