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Friday Craft, Bazaar Time

It’s beginning to look a lot like Holiday Bazaar time ~ this weekend I’ll be showing my wares at a local Holiday Bazaar with my helper KidMakes, wish us luck!

To prepare for the rush of customers clamoring for my products (positive thinking) I have opened a new online shop using Tictail. I closed my Etsy show quite awhile ago and have decided to try out this vendor.  My new shop is available at this link, or if you click on Shop in the top menu. I’ve got a few pieces listed, more to come after the show this weekend.

0001_Necklace_Owl (1)

Have a great weekend!


Friday Craft, Holiday Prep Part I

Yes, I am already thinking about this Christmas!

This holiday season, I need to prepare gifts for our friends and family as well as preparing for my first craft bazaar. I’m going to jump in with both feet and see how it goes and what I can learn.

I think I’ll need at least 100 assorted jewelry items for the show, and I’ve got about 50 cards made, collaged and photography cards. I’m also going to need business cards, packaging, displays, signage, and a ton of other stuff I’m not thinking of, I’m sure.

I would also like to finish the christmas themed bird houses that are all painted and just waiting for final decorations to make them complete. I’m slowly building my stash of seasonal decorations, little by little each year. We’ve not been much for decorating thus far, but I would like our little house to reflect the festivity of the holiday seasons.

Tree Farm Ants Eye View

When do you start getting ready for the Holiday Season?


Truthy, Tangled Tuesday, The Perfect Gift

Recent events and my own personal illness this month has had me thinking about gifts and gifting in a different way this year. What is the perfect gift? Time and attention. My physical and emotional presence. Time with the people I love who are able to travel to our family gathering place. If I was wealthy my gift to any distant family would be a plane ticket and hotel room to come up and visit us.

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