Mama Carrie Makes


The Makes family is dealing with a bit of adversity in the new year. Our downstairs neighbors are quite noisy. Our bedroom is right on top of their living room, and we can hear loud movies, thumping music, slamming doors and laughter.  Often well into the night.

We are working with management to try to get them to quiet down, but after two notices in two weeks, I notice no change. In fact, it seems like they are even louder now.
So we’re going to have to move.
I did not want my daughter’s childhood to involve moving 4 times before her 7th birthday. I know I’ve read that children need stability, blah blah blah.
Kid Makes is excited to move. She enjoys it! She likes having a new place, and being able to visit the old place.
I must admit, I am also excited about possibly renting a house. With a backyard. And no shared walls with neighbors!
I look forward to planning a kid room that is functional and easy to clean (pipe dream, I know). I am looking forward to doing the same for my ultimate craft room.
And perhaps a kitchen that is bigger than a postage stamp for Papa.
Send us your positive vibes, dear Imaginary Readers.

How’s the new year treating you and yours?