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Friday Craft, Craft Cave Update

Well, these are not technically the after photos, they’re more the “I got some done!” photos…

Craft Closet

I did purge a bunch, got rid of the boxes I was going to rescue from the recycle bin, organized a bit more. I still need to let go of my yarn emotionally. I love to knit and crochet, but would not have functional hands if I indulged in those hobbies. Time to finish off my UFOs and donate that yarn!

Craft Center

I have a small mountain of empty containers to either decide to use or give away, but I did clean off my bookcase and purged/organized a bunch from the shelves.

Still working

My worktable is very busy, which means my creative juices are flowing, but also means that I need to find a way to store projects that are mid-stream, but on hold because I’ve been inspired to start something else.

I also need long-term storage ideas for my craft show kit, the boxes and tablecloths I use for display, etc.


I did have some upcycling success, however. I am re-purposing the sorting file to help corral and organize my wire supply, and I pinned this standing file folder sorter to the wall to get my active canvases up off the floor.

I saved one of the boxes from the recycling bin to make the plier stand, which holds a dozen pliers comfortably.

Still more work to be done, but it does feel less claustrophobic.

Where do you craft and how do you stay organized?



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Friday Craft, Craft Cave Intervention

The craft cave is full. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it’s too full.

It’s time to gave away a lot of the crafts that I wanted to do but don’t actually do.  It’s time to focus my time, energy and space on the crafts I truly enjoy.

2014.01 Craft Cave Disaster

Goodbye sweet friends. Off to a new home to make room for success in 2014. Or something like that.

Stay tuned for the after picture. 🙂


Friday Craft, Upcycled Storage Part 2

Upcycled storage part deux! Today I will show you some of my many alternative forms of storage.

photo (6)These lids came from a Costco sized something, the main body of the container was too flimsy and awkward to use, but I love the lids for corralling my tiny paper clay bits. Plus they are stackable when I need to put them away and move on to another craft whim…

photo (8)One lid for painted charms, one lid for unpainted charms. Easy organization on the cheap!

photo (7)

I do enjoy my Tic Tacs, and they are perfect containers for jewelry making supplies and other bits and bobs. I try to make sure I take the sticker off as soon as possible, though, because if you leave the sticker/label on too long, the odds of removing it without leaving sticky crap behind diminish.

photo (12)

Toilet paper rolls! Who knew?! I use these to keep all my pens, scissors, brushes, etc, upright in their larger storage container. It also makes sorting them much easier.

photo (10)Checkbook boxes. Great for paper scraps, and also stackable…

photo (11)

The above is a cereal box! I know! Cut with an xacto knife and wrapped in duct tape, it’s perfect for corralling my bigger paper craft projects and sorting some collage materials.

photo (1)And finally, the receptionist at work gave me this awesome US Mail box which now holds all manner of crafty item.

How do you upcycle?



Friday Craft, Here We Go Again

I’ve been cleaning and purging craft cave, again. I had no craft urges in December, so when I opened the door again and sat down to get my crafty feet wet, I was struck by how dysfunctional my craft cave truly is. I’ve made some progress with my main crafty passions, beading and paper crafts, but I have so many supplies and several crafts that I just don’t do very often.

Craft Cave. Upcycle Overload Continue reading

Friday Craft, Cave of (Crafty) Wonders

A peek inside the magic cave of craft here at House Makes

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Please excuse the mess, I’ve been too busy crafting to organize my craft room.


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