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Friday Craft, Art Journal Canvas

I created this canvas using techniques from my art journal life. First I smooshed paint around, blue, purple, and white. Enough to cover the canvas. Then I added the purple lotus in the bottom left corner using a stencil. Another stencil made the leaves, which I layered with different tones of green to give an illusion of depth. Then I added the little hexagons in the bottom right corner.

A fun and pretty simple project using paint, stencils, and my finger.


Friday Craft, Art Journal 18

Another spread using Dylusions paints. I also use a bunch of stencils, some modeling paste, a stamp with letters and numbers, and a toilet paper roll for circles.

I got a package of Tim Holtz stickers with these phrases on sale, and it’s been a great addition to my art journal arsenal. This one says, “be open to whatever comes next”.


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 12

This spread is inspired by the work of Mimi Bondi, she posts tutorials on the YouTube. Her style is very intuitive, just begin with a basic technique and see where the page takes you.


She recommends using a limited palette. Start by spreading paint on your pages with your fingers. Let the first layer dry and spread some more paint. Once you’re happy with the background, move on to stencils or stamps. Then perhaps doodle, or add some text, or more paint. Repeat until you’re happy with the result.


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 10

The watercolor adventure continues. I bought a bottle of masking fluid and wanted to play around, what better place than in my Art Journal? For me, this is the spot to try new techniques and make a mess. I can always cover up the page if it’s terrible and start again.

This bottle was less than $10 and came with the precision tip, which is great for small areas. I haven’t tried using it to mask a large area yet, but the fluid is pretty viscous and would probably spread well enough.

Masking Fluid Watercolor

Art Journal Page Masking Prep Watercolor

Starting with a blank page I sketched some flowers and grass with the masking fluid and set it aside to dry for an hour. It probably did not need this much time but I wanted to be certain, especially about the thicker areas in the center of the flowers.

Once I was sure everything was dry I used watercolors to make a wash, from blue at the top to green at the bottom. Then after the watercolors dried I peeled off the masking fluid.

Art Journal Page Masking Removed Watercolor 02 Art Journal Page Masking Removed Watercolor 03 Close up

I could have left it alone, but of course not. I painted the flowers and grass, and added a mushroom and some blue paint splatters.

Art Journal Page Masking Finished

Viola! What are you working on right now?


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 03

Over the summer our family went camping and of course I took my art journal along with a small pouch of supplies. Art journaling is a very portable activity, perfect for long days of camping relaxation.

ArtJournal_Owl ArtJournal_JustBe ArtJournal_Lotus





I finished several pages at our campsite. I did not bring a big pouch of supplies but was able to fit a good collection. Stamps, stencils, a set of watercolors, gelatos (very similar to oil pastels) my distress ink mini pads, pitt pens, spray inks, and some water soluable pencils.


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