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Friday Craft, Art Journal 13

Another art journal inspired by one of Juliette Crane’s classes. This is our version of her flower headed girls. A great and simple exercise to loosen up and get your pencil down on the paper.


I really like how simple these are in comparison to her other creatures. KidMakes got in on the fun as well.


We agree that her girl looks like a Crystal Gem. ūüôā


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Episode 12


Friday Craft, Watercolor Dahlias

Orange Watercolor Dahlias

Ahhh. So relaxing and so easy to do. Stamp your favorite image (these are flowers from Stampendous called Flower Garden). Smoosh your distress ink colors onto a palette (I use a laminated piece of cardstock. Any non-porous surface will do), get your paintbrush wet and go. I used yellow to underpaint before adding color to the blooms and really love how they seem to be glowing.

Orange Watercolor Dahlias

You really could apply any sentiment to this card. A little fishtail and your done. Easy peasy.


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Friday Craft, Art Class

These are the results of a saturday spent playing with so many mediums: paint, chalk, water-soluable pencil, tissue paper, gelatos.


Juliette Crane Wild & Free Mini Course with Grammie and KidMakes. Juliette’s style is playful and colorful and fantastic. Very free and adaptive. If you don’t like something, cover it up! I definitely recommending heading over to her site and checking out the beautiful gallery. Grammie and I have also lovingly copied her owl style with excellent results using an article by Juliette. Perfect imperfection.


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 10

The watercolor adventure continues. I bought a bottle of masking fluid and wanted to play around, what better place than in my Art Journal? For me, this is the spot to try new techniques and make a mess. I can always cover up the page if it’s terrible and start again.

This bottle was less than $10 and came with the precision tip, which is great for small areas. I haven’t tried using it to mask a large area yet, but the fluid is pretty viscous and would probably spread well enough.

Masking Fluid Watercolor

Art Journal Page Masking Prep Watercolor

Starting with a blank page I sketched some flowers and grass with the masking fluid and set it aside to dry for an hour. It probably did not need this much time but I wanted to be certain, especially about the thicker areas in the center of the flowers.

Once I was sure everything was dry I used watercolors to make a wash, from blue at the top to green at the bottom. Then after the watercolors dried I peeled off the masking fluid.

Art Journal Page Masking Removed Watercolor 02 Art Journal Page Masking Removed Watercolor 03 Close up

I could have left it alone, but of course not. I painted the flowers and grass, and added a mushroom and some blue paint splatters.

Art Journal Page Masking Finished

Viola! What are you working on right now?


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 07


Made with mini Distress Inks, a Hero Arts stamp and some hand-me-down watercolor paper that is way too nice for me to afford. This piece measures 7.5″ x 5.25″, so a bit too big for a standard card. I’m thinking I’ll mount it onto chipboard and hang it in the craft cave.

This technique is nothing new, but I really enjoyed it. I’ve got about 20 tiny Distress Ink pads, at least 1 or 2 shades of each color. You’ll also need an acrylic block, or some kind of non-porous surface for a palette. Just tap the ink pad onto the palette to leave some ink behind, then use a wet brush to pick up the color and start painting.

I like this method of painting more than watercolor, because it’s so much easier to control the amount of color on your brush. I had tried to color this image using some Tombow dual brush markers, but the color was too concentrated and did not move on the page the way I wanted it to.


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 04

My first art journal is almost filled. It’s rare that I actually fill every page in a journal/book, but this sketchbook only has a dozen or so empty pages for me to fill.


This page is a watercolor play page. Wet into wet, first I put down water in geometric shapes. I let the paper absorb the water and then put down another layer. Then I dropped in the colors and let them mix together. It’s important not to push them around too much with the brush, but to let osmosis draw the paints into each other and create the mixtures.

Terribly fun. Do you art?


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 01

Over the summer I started an art journal. I have resisted purchasing all the delicious supplies that I want, and only bought some distress ink minis, a couple of very basic stamps and the book. I began in this smallish book to see if I would really do it. As of now I have almost filled up the book.ArtJournal_Hexagons

-> This page is one of the first. The hexagon stamp is part of a small set of shapes. Using the distress ink mini pads, I just stamped all over the page. Using a water brush, I spread the ink around a bit to fill in some of the hex shapes. Some black zig zags for contrast (another stamp from the set), a black border and the date and done.




<- Another early page. This was done with oil pastels and pitt pen. I started the page with Tim Holtz tissue paper, then a layer of thin gesso. I sketched out the plant, and used the pastels for color.





-> These birds¬†were inspired by a Pinterest post. The birds are blobs of watercolor, outlined with pitt pen. I did the background last, and I don’t like the look of it. But I love the whimsical birds. I would definitely do this one again. Possibly a good project to do with the kiddos.

Stay tuned for more art journal fun.


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