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Friday Craft, Galaxy Background

This is my first galaxy using Distress Inks. I watched a few tutorials on You Tube before giving it a try and it was quite easy. I used a blending tool to make patches of Worn Lipstick, Fossilized Amber, Peacock Feathers, and Seedless Preserves. The cardstock in the photo above is nothing special, just bargain stuff you can find in the office supply store.

Then I blended Faded Jeans and Black Soot on top and around the patches of color until I was happy with the look.

You can use droplets of water to create the faded patches, and splatters of white paint for stars. I’m really happy with this first effort. I’ve already made another and plan on doing a large one to use for a pop-up box card.

Stay tuned for cute astronaut action!


Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Seven


Printable journal kit by Tsunami Rose, New Beginnings.

Another lovely kit, very flowery with butterflies, pinks and light greens and purples, tons of flowers. This kit is a more standard size, approximately 6.75″ by 4.5″. I used a recycled file folder for the cover, 5 signatures sewn into a piece of cardstock. I’ve started edging the paper with permanent pens, of which I have…several. I like the effect and it doesn’t leave little bits of shredded makeup sponge all over my craft desk. I like Distress Inks very much, but I need to but the proper tool for them. However, I am not allowed to buy any more craft supplies, so permanent pens it is.

I used scraps throughout the book for inserts to journal on, doilies to create tuck spots, and the tickets included in the kit to embellish the lined double page spreads for journaling. I’ve also sewn a couple of the little envelopes into the middle of the signatures (see the picture on the top right).


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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Five


Steampunk Voyage by Ephemera’s Vintage Garden

Another printable journal kit by Ephemera’s Vintage Garden. This kit is much less flowery, very masculine and steampunk. Lots of maps, clocks, and machines. Again, I used the signature binding method, six signatures with a double page from the kit and computer paper, sewn into a piece of cardstock, which was then glued into a recycled file folder. I made some tabs from scrap, and inked the edges with Tea Dye Distress Ink.

I’m acquiring quite a little pile of scrap as I cut paper down to size for these journals, so I’ve been trying to include them as tags, inserts, and journaling spots within the kits. It’s been a good challenge to figure out how to use long narrow strips of plain white paper. The challenge continues…

This is the last kit from Ephemera’s Vintage Garden, next week we’ll take a look at the first journal kit from Tsunami Rose.


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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Four


The Secret Garden, by Ephemera’s Vintage Garden.

This book again has 6 signatures, a mixture of the beautiful double sided pages provided in the kit and plain computer paper. I did a bit of stamping and used the ephemera to make pockets, flags, and tuck spots. These kits are so pretty, filled with lovely flowers, eggs, vintage sheet music and ledger papers.

I tried to bind the book as she demonstrates in her video (which I cannot locate at the moment), but I am not able to tie it off tightly enough. So I’ve used the same binding method as before, signatures sewn into a piece of cardstock.

For the cover, I recycled a file folder, and covered it with the cover paper from the kit, which I partially ruined while I was trying her binding method. I had to scrap the binding part, but was able to save the front and back sections. I inked the sides of the cover and pages with a little good ol’ Tea Dye Distress Ink. Then I punched a hole and set an eyelet.


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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Three


The second book made with a printable journal kit from Ephemera’s Vintage Garden, Enchanted Rose. This is made using the signature binding method again, 6 signatures again. Another beautiful kit, this one has inside and outside covers, 9 full color pages, and over 20 tags, pockets, and other ephemera.

I also used white cardstock for pages and inserts. Edged with Tea Dye Distress Ink, with some stamping for embellishment.


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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Two


This book is not from a printable kit. I found this beautiful paper pack on sale at my locally-owned craft store, and sat on it for a couple months before getting inspired to make a book out of it. It’s from My Mind’s Eye and designed by Teresa Collins, and it came with 6 12×12 double sided papers, 3 sheets of cards and tags to cut out, and 2 pages of stickers. So much fun. I used almost everything.

I’m not sure what this binding method is called, but it’s so simple and you can switch out the signatures if you like (video tutorial found from Ephemera’s Vintage Garden, natch). I made the cover and then wrapped the twine around the spine 6 times for 6 signatures. Tying it off is the hardest part, because it needs to be pretty taut to hold the signatures in place. Then I used my macrame background to make a series of decorative knots to secure it (check out the 2nd picture from the left on the bottom).

The signatures are a mixture of the papers from the kit and cardstock in black, white, and kraft. I also used some 6×9 envelopes. I folded some of the kit’s papers to make tuck spots and pockets. And I again used as many scraps as possible to embellish. To put the signatures into the book you just slip them under the twine. Easy as pie.

Stay tuned for more handmade books!


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Friday Craft, Envelope Album Episode Four, Paper Revenge


The learning continues. This album is made of envelopes and cards again, and a 12×12 paper pad from my stash. I inked the edges of all the pages in this album with Faded Jeans Distress Ink @ Simon Says Stamp, which is a little too bright for this book, in my opinion.

I did a lot more fussy cutting for this album (cutting images out of the pattern paper to use as embellishments). The hot air balloon and the oval with a bird in the pictures above. I tried to use the scrap strips again, to decorate the tags and pockets.

The cover turned out a lot better on this album, and did not split at the seams like the last book. I added tabs to some of the pages, and I used stamps to fill some of the white space on the tags.

I really like this paper collection, but the blue edges don’t match well. That’s the only part of this album I don’t like. Progress!


Friday Craft, Envelope Album Part Deux, Envelope Album Strikes Back


This is my second attempt at the envelope album, using a package of pretty cheap cards with envelopes. I used a very old paper pad from my stash.

Learnings from this attempt:

  • Use quality materials, especially for a book of this type. I want this book to be handled and paged through again and again. It won’t last if I don’t use quality paper and good adhesive.
  • I’m still learning how best to do the spine. On this book, I attached the inside cover paper, which split where the book bends and had to be covered up with washi tape, which does not stick well enough to cover my mistake. The book cover and adhering the spine to it are challenges I’m still working to master.
  • These books need a closure of some type. When they are filled with embellishments (of which this book has none!) and photographs something is needed to keep the book closed.

I also tried to use my scraps, because these books create tons of little strips and tiny pieces that I hate to just throw away. In the bottom left picture you can see the pocket is covered with stripes of different paper. I really liked the effect.

Stay tuned, I just couldn’t stop making these books. The learning continues in episode three, Return of the Envelop Album.