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Secret Pleasure – Flash Games

Something about the repeated clicking of the mouse buttons soothes my burdened soul. A list of my current faves:

  • Chain Factor – A simple numbers game, similar to Connect 4.  Drop discs, some with numbers from 1-7, some are just grey.  Match the number to it’s place in the row or column (i.e. drop the 4 to make a row or column of 4) and the disc disappears.  Grey discs wither when the disc next to them disappears, eventually turning into a number 1-7.
  • Grow Island – Start with an empty island.  Click the different industries in your selected order and see the effects on the island.
  • Coign of Vantage – rotate the pixels on the screen until the image appears.
  • Boomshine – detonate your boom in the right place to ‘splode the required number of shines.  Music on this one is not mute-able.
  • Speedtest – a typing speed test.
  • Free Rice – a vocabulary test for good cause.
  • Temple Guardian – your basic Tower Defense with a little mystical flair.
  • Vehicle Defense – another Tower Defense with…vehicles.

Most of these start with music that can be disabled, if you like.

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