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Friday Craft, Too Hot to Stamp

My craft cave gets all the late afternoon sun, and when it’s hot outside, it’s super hot in the craft cave. So I’ve taken my show on the road, to the backyard.


I’ve got my Zig watercolor markers and some pre-stamped Lawn Fawn cuteness. I’m teaching myself how to use these markers for shading, because I do not want to spend the money on Copics but I want to have the same fun and result as Copics.


As you can see it’s a learning process. I love how the little muchroom house turned out, and the gnome, but the fox’s coloring is not the greatest. I’m also learning to make do with the limited color palette I already have, instead of running out to buy another marker I’ve been trying to blend for the colors I want. The flesh tone on my gnome is a mixture of pink and yellow, the fox is light brown and carmine red.

Much more learning to come evidently.

What are you learning about this summer?




Tangle Tuesday, The Shadening Continues

I continue to revisit some completed Zentangles and add in shading. Perhaps I’m just easily amused, but it’s amazing what a difference a little blended pencil makes!



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Tangle Tuesday, Shading

I didn’t really get shading when I started Zentangling.  It wasn’t until I read Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s Totally Tangled that I really understood how and why to shade my tangles.

ZT. unshaded ZT. shaded

For this post, I went back through some of my early tangles and did some shading.  What a difference!

Zentangle. Unshaded Zentangle. Shaded

Zentangle. shading 1 Zentangle. shading 2 Zentangle. shading 3

Do you shade your tangles? (That sounds like a personal question!)